what we do

It is vital that your pr company
works very closely with you


We will drill down into your business and understand your business strategy, who your customers are and where you want to take your business. We will identify the positive stories then use our experience to get the most out of them and to place them. The media is forever being accused of only being interested in bad news. This is just not true. The media enjoys celebrating success. It’s our job to tell them about it and to wring every drop out of the story. Sometimes it will be a simple press release written in editorial style that we know will deliver results – and very often it will be more.

We offer traditional communications campaigns combined with digital media techniques. Utilising our wide knowledge of the media we create successful campaigns ensuring your business is read, seen and heard by the right audience.

When you need specialist expertise – marketing, digital campaigns, graphic design, photography, we’ve a skilled team of freelance professionals to call upon and we only work with the very best.

We deliver:

MEDIA RELATIONS/PR CAMPAIGNS: Why spend a fortune on advertising when unpaid-for editorial coverage is so much more valuable? Consumers don’t trust adverts. They do trust stories they read, listen to or view. We will make your story of interest to busy editors and we know whom to approach.  We know what makes a story and we’ve got the contacts.

MEDIA TRAINING: So you’ve got newspapers, TV and radio stations beating a path to your door. You might be nervous, you might be over-confident, but above all you must make use of the opportunities you’re being given. That means training. Handling an interview is as much a science as it is an art – and you can learn it.  We’ll show yo how   it’s done via bespoke courses based on specially written scenarios, relevant to your business delivered via our practical workshop sessions.

TELEVISION/FILM/DVD PRODUCTION: It’s the digital age – so embrace it!  Kit has never been lighter, cheaper and more FLEXIBLE (there’s that word again).  We can make any kind of promotional DVD, from simple, template-based films to classy high-end productions involving 3-D modelling, laser technology and animation software.

WEBSITE DESIGN AND DIGITAL MEDIA:  We’ll develop your digital presence from scratch or enhance and manage your existing use of online media. Our specialists will help you harness the potential of digital communication channels like twitter and facebook to help build your brand and maximise the promotional benefits of interacting with online audiences.

MAGAZINES AND BROCHURES: Have you considered having your own business magazine or brochure to tell your story direct to your target market? It’s a great marketing tool, has longevity, a wide reach and needn’t cost the earth.